Jeff 德拉蒙德 to Focus on Strategic Growth Initiatives

LBMC, one of the Southeast’s largest accounting and business consulting firms and top 35 in the nation, today announced its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Shareholder Jeffrey S. 德拉蒙德 他的角色会转变为 詹姆斯·R. 米德小. “吉姆” 2024年1月1日生效. 德拉蒙德 will pivot his focus to strategic growth efforts as part of LBMC’s ongoing dedication to the firm’s continued success.

“吉姆将领导LBMC, PC forward at a time of continued growth and opportunity for our clients and for our firm,德拉蒙兹说. “He was the ideal choice because he understands the value of people and relationships, which comes first in our business. He knows attracting great talent to LBMC is imperative to bringing in great clients, and great clients lead to even greater talent.”


米德, 一个注册会计师, is a 23-year veteran of the firm, most recently serving as a leading shareholder in the firm’s audit and advisory division and spearheading LBMC’s 技术 industry segment. He has managed audit services for venture capital and private equity firms and their portfolio companies, focusing on 技术 start-up enterprises, growth stage companies and acquisition-oriented businesses. 在LBMC服役, PC Board of Directors and leadership committees, he is keenly aware of the issues that are critical to the future of LBMC’s success.

“I’m very proud of the impact that LBMC has had on the lives of our clients and of our employees and their families,米德说. “I’m equally proud of LBMC’s achievements in our profession and contribution to our communities. LBMC has accomplished great things, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue the momentum and excited to see where LBMC goes from here.”

Throughout LBMC’s success in becoming 田纳西州’s largest CPA firm and a top firm in the nation, LBMC’s founders and executive leadership have been preparing the firm for its long-term future.

This is the firm’s second CEO transition in its 40-year history. Mike Cain and David Morgan co-founded the then Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm of LBMC, PC in 1984 and led the firm until transitioning to 德拉蒙德 in 2015. 今天, LBMC has grown to approximately 800 team members throughout a family of companies 在纳什维尔设有办事处, 查塔努加, 诺克斯维尔和夏洛特, 10人以上,在全国范围内拥有5000名客户.



LBMC是一个 2023 Forbes Best 税 and 会计 Firm, one of the Southeast’s largest accounting and business consulting firms, and an 会计 今天 Top Firm in the Nation serving approximately 10,000 clients with diverse needs across a spectrum of industries. Primary client groups include privately-owned middle market companies in the healthcare, 制造业, 技术, 私募股权领域. LBMC has more than 800 team members, 在纳什维尔设有办事处, 查塔努加, 和诺克斯维尔, 田纳西州, 和夏洛特, 北卡罗莱纳. Founded in 1984 as a traditional accounting firm, LBMC today offers a broad range of advisory and business consulting needs for its client base. 叫一个 公司. 最佳商业人物 公司, LBMC是一个n industry leader in financial, 人力资源, 技术, 网络风险, and wealth advisory services for businesses and individuals. For more information on LBMC’s experts and comprehensive services, 访问 或拨打615.377.4600. LBMC is growing, and job opportunities can be found on 合乐官网app下载求职页面.